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This site covers everything about the "Immortal Fortress" / "No Stone Unturned" alternate reality game that is based on Dungeons and Dragons.

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To get up to speed on how it all began, read the Introduction and join in on the Active Puzzles.

Active Puzzles

The Sage’s latest scroll shows our next step:
“You now hold the key for portal invention
Glyphs must state your spell's intention
A lettered square requires translation
Look to the streams for your spell's mutation” - @immortal4tress, 5/16 @ 5:12PM
On 5/17, @Glovers_Travels revealed what is apparently the goal:
So, it is worth noting (and I apologize for not mentioning it before), but I actually can share some insight into Elminster's plans to send me home, though many details were deliberately obscured from even myself, for security purposes. #NoStoneUnturned - @Glovers_Travels, 5/17 @ 3:40PM
There is a portal somewhere on Earth that will return me home, and a spell will be required to activate it. I know not what the spell is, but I know the list of components required will only be attainable by following the clue path left for us by Elminster. #NoStoneUnturned - @Glovers_Travels, 5/17 @ 3:42PM
This is what is currently unsolved...

  1. The purpose of the code phrase acquired from the Keyed Cypher Puzzle. This is confirmed to be related to the crests being assembled.
  2. The purpose of the images posted on Adam Glover's Instagram account. It has contributed in identifying the three components we need - SOMATIC, VERBAL and MATERIAL - and a second wave of posts identified the SOMATIC component. We cannot confirm if we're done with this account yet.
  3. The crest segments being posted on other social media accounts by people in the industry.
  4. Although we have not seen any actual clues, the Immortal Fortress Twitter account and the Sirens of the Realms broadcast on Twitch seems to suggest that more messages will be discovered in other D&D streams.

Puzzles that are fully (we think) or mostly solved are listed on the Solved Puzzles page.

Important Links

These are the external links that will come up most often...

Immortal Fortress website -

What can technically be called the "official" website of the game, this is where all solutions are verified as correct by the "powers that be".

Immortal Fortress Twitter -

As above, this is the "official" Twitter account, used to relay clues from an agent of the "Sage of Shadowdale", Elminster Aumar.

Adam Glover, a.k.a. Volothamp Geddarm Twitter -

This is the Twitter account of an Adam Glover, who appears to be having somewhat of an identity crisis. Thanks to the abilities of "Team Volo", we were able to arrange the casting of a spell that allowed him to recover his memory and identify as Volothamp Geddarm.

Adam Glover's Yelp reviews -

This was the first set of clues in the game, which provided information on the ten dead drops as well as at least one clue used later in the game.

Adam Glover's Instagram -

So far this has been used for two separate puzzles relating to the Spell Components needed to get Adam's memory back.

Press - New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Adventure Takes Place in the Real World, posted 5/4 - 'Dungeons & Dragons' Sends Out More Mysterious Keys and Clues for Real World Game, posted 5/11

Bleeding Cool - Dungeons & Dragons is Playing a Social Media Adventure with Fans, posted 5/11

Team Volo

I am the very model of a #NoStoneUnturned helpful therial
I’ve spell components verbal and somatic and material
I know the glyphs of Elminster but the ciphers are mysterial
With shields and clues and lots of symbols multiserial
I’m very well acquainted too, with planes like the ethereal
We’ve delved into the photos, and #TeamVolo’s near-asterial
About the puzzles given we have proposed in chat many a guess
And we cannot stop wondering and it is quite a source of stress…
(lyrics compliments of @CarolineTheGeek)
This Wikia is put together and maintained by representatives of what we affectionately call #TeamVolo.

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If you do follow along on Twitter, all tweets relating to this game should be tagged with the #NoStoneUnturned hashtag so they can be acknowledged by the "powers that be".

This page is managed primarily by David Flor, a.k.a. "DLIMedia" on Discord, or @BrainClouds on Twitter.

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